Accounting & Financial Consulting Services to keep your small business in the green.

Focus on the growth of your company; we'll account for it.

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Training for Cary, Durham, Apex and Raleigh Small Business Owners

Quickbooks Set-up and Training

Fractional Controller -- forecasting, Budgeting & Cash Flow

Because we only take on the business that we can manage, we focus on the financial health of your business as a whole. We are fabulous at forecasting, budgeting, one-time projects and cash flow analysis - all while we are focused on giving you the best service that will improve your bottom line.

Quick Books & Other Accounting Systems Support

Business owners who want a QuickBooks specialist will find both competence, training, and a willingness to explain why something isn’t doing what it’s supposed to. Whether you’re starting from scratch or converting to QuickBooks Desktop, we will get everything organized and overcome any technical or mental hurdles. If you have invested in Xero or another accounting software, we can assist with that as well.

Bookkeeping & general ledger accounting

Regardless of whether you need bookkeeping throughout the year or you just need us to make everything line up, we can support you. We will ensure the information is accurate, for you to send to your tax person, bank or other reporting entity, alleviating your stress.

Payroll and 1099 Submission

Ensure your payroll is consistently timely and accurate, keeping your team members motivated. For your contractors, we can ensure your 1099 forms are filed in a timely manner.

Cost Accounting

Leveraging our proven techniques, we will enable optimization of your pricing structures, so you work smarter, not harder.

Our Mission Statement

Driving Technology For Leading Brands

Working with small business owners to improve the financial health of your business by giving you the tools and insight necessary to understand your business finances and meet your growth and revenue goals.

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